About zonex' Business
Business operation is the core business of zonex’ group. Since its establishment, zonex’ has been focusing on the research and development of business product, and is committed to building a harmonious, green and comfortable environment. zonex’ hopes to change the trend of homogenization, mediocrity and standardization through optimization of its product design, to build a boutique HOPSCA with urban features, satisfying people’s ever-growing demand for fine life.
  • About zonex’ Square
  • About Happiness Square
zonex’ Square is the flagship product of our business operation sector, a large scale HOPSCA focusing on third or fourth-tier cities. zonex’ Square set its sight on combining urban history, culture, humanity and geo-environment in a deep manner. In the meantime, we actively cooperate with the development program of the government, give full play to the typical advantages of regional resources, and build a urban center integrating functions of “life, work, study, shopping, leisure and entertainment” by state-of-the-art design concept and comprehensive planning of life layout.
Happiness Square is the key product of our business operation sector, a business HOPSCSA oriented towards serving communities. Happiness Square is committed to satisfying full life experience and all-round requirement of “life cycle” for family and people. We set our sight on building “happiness around” for community residents, and develop together with the community, to jointly build an ideal and sustainable community.
Brand partnership
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